Home Hospital Program

Home Hospital Program

Silver Chain's Home Hospital program in WA includes the Hospital in the Home (HITH) service and the Priority Response Assessment (PRA) service in WA. We also provide HITH services in Queensland. 

HITH provides in-home care for patients who would otherwise receive treatment in hospital. HITH has generated significant attention worldwide for its ability to substantially reduce acute health care costs while providing patients with the comfort and security of in-home, hospital-level care. Silver Chain's Home Hospital program is delivered in the home by the RMO, Medical Practitioner and Home Hospital nurses, and there is also a clinic for patients who are able to travel. 

The PRA service provides priority assessment and intervention within 4 hours as an alternative to ambulance transfer. The PRA team is able to assess patient need and provide interventions such as intravenous antibiotics, catheterisation and other procedures which might otherwise be carried out in the hospital setting.

An RMO in their Silver Chain home hospital placement is well supported by the whole team. In the first two weeks, there is a structured orientation that includes joint home visits and clinic work with the GP Supervisor and nurses. Thereafter, the RMOs have a greater autonomy and responsibility attending patients in their home independently. If they have clinical concerns about patients, they can discuss these with their supervisor in person or by phone.

This placement provides a unique opportunity to experience community care working with patients in their home.

RMOs have the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills in;

  • pain management,
  • cannulation and subcutaneous fluids,
  • IV antibiotic management (e.g. cellulitis, community acquired pneumonia, pyelonephritis),
  • anticoagulation,
  • wound management,
  • hyperemesis gravidarum management and
  • iron deficiency infusions.

For more information, please email Angela McMahon, Practice Manager or call 0475 941 908.

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