RMO training

RMO training

Silver Chain delivers a comprehensive, community-based RMO training program. 

The training is designed to provide more recently qualified doctors with a rich and diverse experience of medical care in the community, helping to create a medical workforce that supports community-based care programs. Currently there are opportunities to work in Home Hospital and Palliative Care programs. 

The Silver Chain Home Hospital and Palliative Care services allow patients to receive care in their home, rather than in a hospital, which has not only been demonstrated to provide better patient outcomes but also a significant financial benefit for the Western Australian health sector. During the course of their placement, RMOs are exposed to and perform a wide range of tasks and procedures, fully supported by an experienced clinical team. 

Feedback received from doctors who have completed the program supports the value of community-based care as part of their training.

We are pleased to promote a healthy work/life balance with limited weekend and on-call work. 

The RMO training program is supported by a structured educational environment including:

  • specialist consultants and registrars,
  • a medically qualified Director of Clinical Training and Education,
  • RMO Practice Manager
  • specialist consultants in Home Hospital and Palliative Care,
  • supervision by experienced medical practitioners,
  • a dynamic multi-disciplinary team, and
  • weekly education sessions with supporting online modules

Please see links below for more information on each program.

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