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27 March 2024

Jess Parry’s decision to work for Silverchain was more than just finding a job. It was about fulfilling her purpose and finding a sense of belonging. 

Growing up, Silverchain was a constant presence in Jess’s life. She always felt a deep connection to the organisation. Staff were not just caregivers to her father; they were an integral part of the family. 

Jess and her father.
“My whole life, we’ve had Silverchain. So, they’ve always been like a part of the family,” reminisces Jess, now a valued member of Silverchain’s team in Western Australia.

Jess’s father’s passing last year fuelled her desire to work where she could make a difference. She wanted to mirror the support her family received from Silverchain over the years. 

Jess said she always wanted to work for Silverchain but thought it was only possible if you were a health care professional. 

“A few months later, I am part of the Silverchain team. It is just so rewarding. I feel like I’m getting more out of it than I give.” 

For Jess, it’s not just a job; she enjoys connecting with clients personally. 

“Every client I meet helps fills a little of the void left by my dad’s passing,” said Jess. 

Jess said the last thing she expected to find at Silverchain is the camaraderie she feels with her colleagues. "I feel like I found my people. We are all so similar in our ideals of helping and giving back to vulnerable people like my dad," said Jess.  

 "We're all here to improve the lives of our clients and families. Our shared purpose creates a strong bond among us. Knowing that we're all working towards the same goal brings a sense of unity to our team, making it even more fulfilling to be part of Silverchain."  

"Dad would be so happy to see me working at Silverchain."  

Care is a chain reaction triggered by the smallest act of kindness—because when you’re cared for, you can care more. Join our care team of over 4,500 clinical and community staff and help us provide more care to more Australians each year. 

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