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22 November 2023

Music has the power to soothe the soul, uplift the spirit, and heal both mind and body.  

For Sylvia, the piano had been an integral part of her life since her childhood, a source of endless joy and creative expression. However, as the years passed and multiple neck infusions surgeries took their toll, Sylvia found herself growing increasingly hesitant to play, fearing that the familiar movements would exacerbate her pain.  

Sylvia has been a Silverchain client for a number of years and receives weekly care from Sheila, her Care Aide. Over the years the two built a strong connection, and Sheila couldn’t help but notice the grand piano gathering dust in Sylvia’s living room.  

Slowly and with care, Sylvia rekindled her passion for playing the piano with Sheila’s help.     

"I was shocked when I walked into the house. Sylvia played my favourite song and more. I was so happy to watch her play. She was in her element,” Sheila said.  

Sylvia said she wanted to thank Sheila for everything she has done over the years by playing Shelia’s favourite song.   

"The more I played, the stronger and more confident I became. I'm being careful and playing the slower songs these days. My fingers can't keep up with the beat of happy songs, but everyone needs a lifeline,” Sylvia said.   

With Sheila’s support and care Sylvia rediscovered a treasured hobby: something she enjoys, is passionate about, and supports her physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

A little help home delivered can go a long way to help you stay healthy, safe, and independent. We provide a range of home care services in South West WA to people with or without aged care funding. Find out more or call us on 1300 320 611 today. 

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