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01 February 2024

Since joining Silverchain as a Domestic Assistant in July 2023, Aubrey Davies-Smithies has demonstrated exceptional dedication and compassion in providing care to our  clients. 

Recently his efforts were recognised with a Silverchain Best Care People Award  for his outstanding work in supporting a client living with multiple mental health conditions. 

The client, residing on a farm in Western Australia, faced the challenges of isolation, making his wife’s responsibilities in caring for him increasingly challenging. Understanding the delicate nature of the situation, Aubrey embarked on a journey to gain client trust.

“Already you know, they have so many challenges that they’re experiencing on a daily basis,” Aubrey reflected. “Because by the next time you see them, they’ve forgotten half of what we spoke about or who you are.”

Despite the hurdles, he persevered, recognising the importance of building rapport with our client, who often forgot previous interactions.

Through Aubrey’s steadfast efforts, a breakthrough occurred. Our client began attending social outings with Aubrey, providing much-needed respite for his wife.

The client’s wife expressed her gratitude, describing Aubrey as a “beautiful person” who works exceptionally well with her husband, and emphasised his patience.

Aubrey attributes his success to a slow and steady approach, closely observing our client’s responses and genuinely listening to his needs. This allowed him to tailor care effectively, resulting in a positive and rewarding experience for them both.

In acknowledging Aubrey’s impactful work, Silverchain Chief Executive Dale Fisher AM emphasised the significance of continuity of care. “Aubrey made that breakthrough by establishing a consistent routine three times a week. It’s a great example of how impactful that can be for our clients,” Dale said.

Congratulations, Aubrey, on winning the 2023 Silverchain Best Care People Award. 

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