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10 May 2023

81 year old Beverley has regained her independence at home, thanks to Silverchain’s care teams in Victoria. 

Beverley had been experiencing a few falls lately, but luckily, her care aide, Trish, was paying close attention. Knowing that falls could significantly impact Beverley’s confidence, health, and wellbeing, Trish escalated Beverley’s situation and organised a falls risk assessment right away. 

During the assessment, Trish’s Clinical Team Leader explained to Beverley it was okay to contact My Aged Care and asked to be reassessed. 

Beverley had been worrying that she might have to move to residential aged care, but she’s the proud owner of a new wheely walker that has helped her move about her home safely. By understanding her options, Beverly was able to make the most of her care services and remain independent in her home.

Trish and Beverley

Congratulations to Trish and the entire team for another day of providing best care. Beverly is now receiving more support services that help her continue living independently, and we're happy to see her thrive.   

At Silverchain, we understand the importance of falls prevention and have put together some simple tips to help prevent falls in and around the home. Take a look at our article on falls prevention here

For more information on remaining independent in the home like Beverley, take a look at our range of services.

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