What makes Silver Chain different?

What makes Silver Chain different?

We are a leading not-for-profit organisation delivering community health and aged care services across Australia. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, safe and independent life in the comfort of their home, and to stay active and involved in their community.

With over 110 years of experience supporting Australians to stay living at home, we are the leading provider of community-based care.

So, what do we do differently?

We put you first

We provide tailored and personalised services to meet your needs. Our specialised team will spend time with you to understand your goals and help you make confident decisions.

Integrum Aged Care+

Currently being trialled in WA, Integrum brings health services together so that you can spend an extended amount of time with members of a multi-disciplinary support team, who will work with you on achieving your personal goals together with your care providers. Our support team uses a collaborative ‘shared care’ model that includes aged care services, an Integrum Doctor, home nursing, rapid response care, case management, exercise physiology, psychosocial support, and family support.

Dedicated care coordinators

Our team of care coordinators in WA and SA work with you to create personalised care plans including home care services specific to your needs. This puts you at the centre of your care, and means you get the best value for money from your home care package. 

We have a dedicated, highly-skilled care team

Our expert care team provides specialist services ranging from nursing, home support, physiotherapy, medical advisory, falls prevention and much more.

Palliative care

We provide specialist palliative care and in-home hospice care services for people with a life-limiting illness or condition in WA, SA and NSW. Our approach to palliative care focuses on understanding what’s important to you and achieving the best quality of life possible, in the place, and with the people, that you choose. Our palliative care team consist of dedicated nurses, doctors, care aides, social workers, counsellors and spiritual care workers.

Wound care

Our specialist wound care nurses treated 16,000 clients in WA in 2017 with complex and chronic wounds using advanced technology such as low frequency ultrasonic debridement.

We are innovative

We invest in the latest innovation in technology, service delivery and care models to make sure we deliver the best care, to every person, every time.

Virtual hospital

We can deliver nursing services to clients in their own homes through our virtual hospital technology. This allow us to deliver a range of medication management services, including prompting and observation of medication administration, in a more cost effective, flexible and less intrusive way. We currently offer virtual hospital to clients in Adelaide, South Australia. 

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