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22 May 2024

We know that a lack of transport options is a common barrier for our clients. 

For Community Care Manager Maureen Ransome, our volunteer transport program is vital in helping our clients in South and East Perth maintain their wellbeing and connect with others and the community. 

“We have many clients who are no longer able to drive but want to go to their medical appointments, social activities, or every day activities,” she says.

“Without community transport, it’s likely that they become isolated in their homes.”

For others they may rely on their family and friends to help them go out, but this can be inconvenient for the driver and put a strain on their relationship. 

It also means our clients don’t have the freedom to go to places when they want to, and instead need to wait for others or delay their outings altogether. Being socially isolated also impacts your mood and mental health.

With each visit, our transport volunteers see firsthand the difference they make to the lives of their clients. 

“Transport not only helps people in the community, but it gives our volunteers meaning and purpose by doing something they love to do – helping others,” says Maureen.

Our volunteers have opportunities to meet new people, make friends, connect with their community, gain valuable community care experience, and take part in activities to improve their wellbeing. 

There’s a place for everyone in the world of volunteering. You can enjoy the many benefits and support others at any stage of your life, whether you’re studying, working, or retired.

If you’re interested in making a lasting difference in the community, then apply to become a volunteer today. Visit our volunteering page or contact us at

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