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25 April 2024

Children and the importance of fostering connections within the community played a significant role in the establishment of our organisation. This ANZAC Day we honour the selfless women and men who served for our nation and reflect on the enduring legacy of compassionate care that lives on at Silverchain. 

Over a century ago, an appeal appeared in Western Australia’s, Western Mail, sparking the creation of the children’s league known as ‘Silver Links.’ The group, later named the Silver Chain, had a simple mission: raise funds to bring joy to vulnerable and sick children in Perth during the festive season. 

The driving force behind this initiative was the tireless Muriel Chase, writing under the beloved alias of ‘Aunt Mary.’ 

Letter from Aunty Mary, Western Mail, 30 April 1931.

Aunt Mary’s 1931 letter, calling upon children to embrace service and help others, echoes the ANZAC spirit of community and sacrifice – values that have shaped Silverchain’s mission from its earliest beginnings. 

Each day, Silverchain care teams across Australia embody this legacy. From nurses providing compassionate palliative care in the home, to a volunteer offering companionship to an older person, our commitment to service and community support to some of Australia’s most vulnerable remains at the heart of everything we do.

We honour and respect the contribution many of our clients, their families, current and former staff, have made in service to protect our freedom and way of life. Today and every day, we will remember them. 

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