Support to help you recover and restore your health and independence at home

If your health has changed recently or you have just returned from hospital, you might find it harder to do some of your daily tasks. Our expert team can provide you with the support you need to get back on track.

The goal of Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) is to provide a tailored service to help you regain or improve your independence, so you can live confidently and independently in your own home. 

Your services are designed to help you achieve your set goals and can be provided in your home or in the community.

Services you can receive through STRC

  • Social support and companionship
  • Transport
  • Respite support
  • Allied health care
  • Personal care
  • Meals & food preparation
  • In home Nursing care
  • Domestic assistance
  • Home & garden maintenance

A full list of services available through STRC is available on My Aged Care. Silverchain provides the above STRC services to clients in select locations across Western Australia. Contact us to see if our service is available in your area.

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Domestic Assitance 

Help at home to keep it clean and comfortable.

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Home & Garden Maintenance

Support to maintain your home and garden, keeping it safe and tidy. 

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Meals & Food Preparation

Help with grocery shopping, preparing meals, and making sure you eat well.

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Respite Support

Care for family members and carers, so they can rest and recharge.

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Social Support & Companionship

Support to keep you socially active, connected, and independent.

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Support to travel to your appointments, the local shops, or other places of interest.

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Refer to us

To recieve government funded aged care, please contact My Aged Care through their online form, calling 1800 200 422. Alternatively your GP can make an e-referral.

Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) services


Services are available in Perth and some regional areas of Western Australia (WA), Adelaide South Australia (SA), and greater Melbourne, Grampians, Golden Plains and Moorabool in Victoria (VIC).

Availability varies by capacity and location. Contact us to see what is available in your area. 

Private care

Services are also available for a fee for service (private funding) in WA, SA, and QLD. We also provide private services in greater Melbourne, and some parts of regional Victoria through Silverchain Private Care.


Our services are suitable for people who may need a little support with everyday tasks due to age, impaired mobility, illness, or disability. 

If you are 65 years and over or are of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander decent and are over 50 years, you may be eligible for Government Aged Care Funding for these services.

If you have been assessed and received Aged Care Funding like the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), a Home Care Package (HCP), Short Term Restorative Care (STRC), contact us to arrange the services you need. 


To access funding for our aged care services, talk to your health professional or contact My Aged Care and ask for an assessment.

If you have government aged care funding, you can use this to pay for all, or the majority of the services you need. 

You may be required by the government to pay a Co-Contribution Fee towards the services you receive based on your financial circumstances. 

We can help you access your funding and manage any payments you have, so contact us today.

Find out more about our costs and contributions.

See our WA Private Services Price List for more details.

For Silverchain Private Care, visit our Fees and Charges page and contact us for more details.

Please contact us to obtain a quote for private services in SA and QLD.

News feature

At 79-years old, the Fremantle resident underwent an emergency heart bypass. He recovered from the operation, and on discharge from hospital, Keith entered the care of Silverchain Group’s physiotherapy team.