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20 May 2024

In Patricia and Des' home in Victoria, their Personal Care Worker, Sarah Lamont, has become an integral part of their daily lives, offering care and support akin to that of family, her presence a comforting constant for the last five years.

That bond would be tested, revealing Sarah's quick thinking and quiet heroism that avoided seeing Patricia admitted to a place she feared the most: the hospital.

During one of her usual visits to their home, Sarah noticed a change in Patricia's health – she could not get out of bed, telling Sarah she had been feeling dizzy and faint for the last four days.

Concerned by Patricia's condition and that she had not seen a doctor, Sarah, familiar with Patricia's resistance to hospitals, proposed a telehealth appointment to consult a doctor.

Sarah Lamont, Personal Care Worker.
"I told them, 'Look, hospitals are not fun, but we must do something. How about a doctor's visit right here, in the comfort of your own home?'" Sarah said.

Sarah helped Des, Patricia's husband, navigate the unfamiliar tech, connecting them to their doctor.

"I was worried because Patricia hadn't seen a doctor," Sarah explained. "It was important to act fast."

Hearing Patricia's symptoms, the doctor told them to call an ambulance immediately. Panic filled Des, but Sarah remained calm, speaking clearly and conveying Patricia's condition to Des. He eventually understood and urged Sarah to contact the ambulance.

When the paramedics arrived, they saw Patricia was dehydrated, but she refused to go to the emergency department. Sarah answered the paramedics' questions when Des could not due to his distress.

The paramedics arranged a video call with emergency department doctors nearby, who prescribed medicine for nausea and fluids. They sent a prescription to Sarah's phone, and within minutes, she rushed to a local pharmacy to pick them up.

"The emergency department doctor stressed the importance of calling an ambulance if Patricia didn't get better," Sarah recounted. "I made sure Patricia and Des understood this advice."     

It was not long before Patricia made a full recovery. Recounting the experience, Patricia said, "Sarah was on the ball and could answer all the doctors' questions. She is one of the family."

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