At Silverchain, we are passionate about supporting carers to care for their loved one without becoming exhausted, or emotionally, socially and financially disadvantaged.

Carer burnout doesn't just impact the carer. A carer facing burnout may miss important signs of deterioration in their loved one. This can lead to increased distress and unplanned hospitalisations for clients.

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Sadly, it's common to see fatigue, stress, reduced quality of life and burnout among carers.

Dr Karen Smith OAM, Silverchain’s National Director of Research and Evidence, is exploring ways to prevent carer burnout in the first research project of its kind in Australia.

Caring for a loved one in their time of need is something that many of us will do at least once in our lifetime. It’s a role that is often taken on with love and without question. 

Caring for a loved one shouldn’t come at a cost to the carer’s health and wellbeing. 

With your support, we can develop innovative, evidence-based models of care to provide better support for carers.

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The impact of your support

Your gift can make a huge difference for carers like Sheryl.

Sheryl began caring for her husband Jason when he received the news that no one wants to hear. He had Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a form of terminal brain cancer.

From day one, Sheryl took on caring wholeheartedly and with love. 

Sheryl has seen from that experience that more can be done to support carers before they reach breaking point.

How your support can help - every dollar counts


Can help fund discoveries to prevent carer burnout in our community.


Can help prevent unplanned hospital admissions for clients and improve carer experiences.


Can help bring evidence-based models of care to life to improve the health and wellbeing of carers across the country.