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Help our clients access specialist advice from a dedicated Pharmacist.

Managing medications can often mean the difference between going home or staying in hospital for many older people in Western Australia.

Studies have shown that patients recover faster at home, surrounded by family and the comforts they are familiar with. However, this also comes with the expectation that people know how to administer their own medication plans when they do get home.

Confusion around the correct management of medications for complex and often chronic conditions is not just limited to people leaving hospital. It affects all Silver Chain clients, from those needing a bit of help around the house or with daily showering, to clients being treated for long term, open wounds. It’s an issue which can affect anyone.

With your generous support, we want to add the highly skilled services of a full-time pharmacist to create an innovative model of medication management for all Silver Chain clients in the comfort of their own home.

With the pressure on the public health system and the frequently stretched capacity of doctors and nurses within the system, the appointment of this role by Silver Chain will benefit clients with all levels of need. They will have access to the services of a skilled and dedicated pharmacist to reduce the likelihood of incidents such as incorrect doses and dangerous drug interactions, which can lead to people becoming seriously ill or even hospitalised.

How we will use your donation:

  • With your support, we will be able to appoint a full-time pharmacist, ensuring that Silver Chain clients understand what medication they are required to take – at the prescribed time.
  • We will follow up with them on a regular basis to make sure this is happening – something that doesn’t generally happen in the stretched public health system.
  • The pharmacist will work with clients to avoid any dangerous drug interactions, manage health issues and referrals to specialists if required. With a donation today, you will be helping Silver Chain to provide an innovative solution to a common, everyday issue for all Australians.

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If you'd like to support us, see how you can donate or other ways you can get involved. Together, we can help people in the community receive the care they need at home, surrounded by their family.

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