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We need your help to deliver the world’s best care to the people who need it most.

Living with multiple chronic health conditions is a daily challenge, and getting the care needed is often a frustrating, fragmented experience.

Often required to repeatedly explain their health needs while being transferred between different specialists and hospitals means that the people who need the most care, often suffer more.

That’s why we developed Australia’s first integrated health and aged care service – Integrum Aged Care+.

Designed for people aged over 65 who are living with multiple chronic health conditions that have triggered a recent hospitalisation, Integrum brings together a dedicated team of a nurses, doctors, home carers, exercise physiologists, social workers and pharmacist to provide a ‘wrap around’ model of care – delivering the full range of physical and emotional support our clients need, all in one program, in the comfort of their own home and in our purpose-built clinic.

Since launching last year, Integrum now brings great relief, comfort, and even joy to over 100 older Western Australians living with chronic health conditions – and has allowed many to remain at home.

But to ensure that we can continue delivering this service to even more people in need, I am asking for your support again. Only your donation can make this possible.

Why we need your help

  • Clients receive care in their own homes, with free transport to and from the dedicated clinic to visit the multidisciplinary Integrum team.
  • Each client has a dedicated Registered Nurse case manager who empowers them to take control of their own care delivery, to live as they choose and respond quickly when there is a change in the client’s condition.
  • The aim is to decrease hospitalisations and improve the quality of life for older clients with multiple chronic diseases through integrated care and chronic condition management.

What your help will do

Your donation will help us to purchase additional medical equipment including diagnostic sets to help treat the increasing number of clients in need of this unique service. Ranging in cost from $1,000 – $2,000 each, a diagnostic set enables our staff to deliver faster diagnoses and check-ups for clients at home and in the clinic.

For clients with mobility issues, or those receiving treatments which require extended amounts of time lying down, electric clinic beds provide a more comfortable and safer experience whilst visiting our clinic. Each bed costs more than $4,000.

With your generous donation, we can expand Integrum to provide world-class, integrated care to those who need it most.

How you can support

If you'd like to support us, see how you can donate or other ways you can get involved. Together, we can make Silver Chain Integrum Aged Care+ the first choice for helping our clients manage their lives in comfort and dignity.

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