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We need your help to make sure our loneliest clients don’t become another statistic.

Did you know that more than a third of Silver Chain clients in WA live alone, and 84% of these people also have no carer to help them?

Studies have shown that people who live on their own during the latter stage of their lives commonly experience what is known as social isolation. They find it more difficult to do what they used to such as visiting friends, going shopping and maintaining hobbies, especially if they no longer drive or are too frail to use public transport.

Did you know that many of our clients contact people in our call centre just to let someone know they are alive each day? No one should have to live like this.

At Silver Chain, we are committed to ensuring that all Australians have the option to stay at home for as long as they are able. But this doesn’t mean they need to be cut off from everything they used to enjoy outside their home.

With your generous support we want to bring the outside world back to our loneliest clients.

At Silver Chain we’re proposing to tackle the issue of social isolation in older people in the community head on and make sure that as few people as possible are left alone to become a statistic.

Take Mary* for example. She’s a Silver Chain client who suffers chronic back pain and was feeling extremely isolated as she didn’t feel comfortable driving anymore. She eventually got to the point where she barely left her home and most days didn’t see a single person. Mary then lost her treasured dog and only companion in December 2017 and subsequently became even more lonely, depressed and isolated.

Thanks to Mary’s Silver Chain volunteer, she now has a new little dog to keep her company, but unfortunately her pain is not resolving, and she continues to remain isolated in her home.

*real name not used

How we will use your donation

With your support, we will be able to create a specially designed programme using a combination of both technology and people to both identify and help those Silver Chain clients who are on their own and need our help.

Studies have shown that older people who master a new technology gain increased independence and improved quality of life. This also helps the loneliest of our clients to encourage development and improve their self-confidence.

Our team of highly trained staff will work with our clients to understand their individual needs and provide them with what they need to make sure they are no longer alone.

How you can support

If you'd like to support us, see how you can donate or other ways you can get involved. Together, we can provide a solution to help the loneliest of people like Mary find joy in their lives and regain their place in the community.

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