Current appeal: Wound research

Current appeal: Wound research

What do 400,000 Australians have in common right now?

The answer is a chronic or slow-healing wound. 400,000 Australians, at any given time, are undergoing treatment for wounds.

If you’ve had a chronic wound, or know someone else that has, you know how debilitating they can be.

We need your help to reduce the number of people developing wounds, reduce the time they take to heal, and to reduce the high number of recurrences currently experienced.

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Could you help people like Gary?

Gary, a recent client, has peripheral vascular disease, one of the underlying conditions that contributes to wounds. He has now experienced vascular wounds on both feet, one after the other, which healed, but then recurred.

More research into how to prevent recurrences of the two most common wounds – vascular and skin tears – can help people like Gary.

Wound research has the power to make a difference, with your help. Gary was part of a recent in-clinic trial, testing how different types of compression bandages and wraps could speed up the healing process.

“It’s helped, and my wounds are technically healed. I was grateful to be involved and to the Silver Chain Group nurses who have been so fantastic in treating my wounds,” he says.

“Although my wounds only look small, they really affect my day to day life. As I can’t get the bandages wet, it makes it difficult to shower. I can’t overdo things, like being on my feet too much in the garden as it causes them to open again.

“Anything I can do to help support more research that might stop these coming back, for me and for others, would be wonderful.”

    Help us improve the prevention and healing of wounds

Wounds of all types create huge discomfort for patients and cost Australia’s health system between $2-4 billion a year to treat.

With the incidence of chronic wounds on the rise, we want to improve the healing outcomes of wounds and the quality of life for the many Australians who experience wounds. 

Every time we make a new finding, we are able to apply our evidence based discoveries directly into the everyday wound treatment of thousands of RDNS clients to achieve better outcomes.

How can you help?

We want your help to help us fund research to find breakthroughs in wound treatment and help improve the lives of thousands of people.

Specifically, we want to understand how to prevent the recurrence for the two main types of wounds, leg ulcers and skin tears.

Silver Chain Group has one of Australia’s largest wound clinical practices devoted to wound best practice.

With your help, we can apply our deep expertise of wound treatment and use evidence-based research to investigate how to stop wounds recurring.

By stopping wound recurrence, we can reduce the distress, discomfort and inconvenience for the thousands of people that will experience repeat wounds in their lifetime.

We are asking for your kind donation to support our wound research and reduce the distress of wound recurrence for many Australians. It could, one day, help you.

If you'd like to support us, see how you can donate or other ways you can get involved. Your donation will help us to create better healing outcomes for people suffering with wounds – you can help us make a real difference.

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