We believe that technology is a powerful tool that can revolutionise the way our care services are delivered. With new devices and the research to support its use, together, we can make real change in the way that Australians are supported in their place of choice.

We have been at the forefront of caring for Australians in their homes and communities for more than 120 years. Our philosophy is to support our clients of all ages at home, to enable them to live independently and improve their quality of life.

With the backing of our Silverchain donors, we are supported in new advancements to continue enhancing the care we provide for years to come.

We approach today’s health care challenges with solutions that use the latest technology and innovations, backed by research.

Our unique strength lies in our ability to provide a high level of acuity of services in the home, which hinges on our strong clinical governance, our highly qualified and trained staff, commitment to professional development and our dedicated supporters.

What your support will do


Your support can help us discover new and exciting health technology, giving our teams the confidence to trial devices and care tools with the backing and support of people that share a passion for care.


You could help fund the introduction of smart glasses, devices which can give a nurse in the home the capability to communicate hands free with our service base and show other clinicians what they can see in real time.


New care services, advancement in treatments, and the testing of new equipment takes time. You can give us the time and resources required for our research and care teams to make long-lasting improvements to the way health in the community is provided.