There is a growing demand for health care professionals, with estimates indicating there will be a shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025 in Australia, just three short years from now.

At Silverchain we recognise the vital role nurses play in our health care system, and we highly value the unique and complex skill sets in community nursing.

Historically, nurses fulfill their training experience in hospital wards to gain practical experience while they are studying for their nursing degree. These are environments where entire clinical teams can guide nursing students’ decision making and help to build their skills.

However, the skill sets in community nursing are unique, and are vital to ensuring Australians can continue to access health care in the home. Jacinta is a recently graduated nurse who had a keen interest to work where many Australians feel most comfortable: in their own home.

“To work in the community, you need a different set of skills in addition to what you learn at university or working on a hospital ward. You have to be confident and be able to work independently without support. You can’t just walk straight out of university and into someone’s home to give them care.”

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Jacinta’s story

As a current member of the Transition to Professional Practice Program for the last six months, Jacinta has been immersed in many different aspects of community nursing.

“After graduation, I worked for two months in the hospital setting, and while working on a ward was a great start to my career as a nurse, I knew it wasn’t where my passion was.

I wanted to be working and caring for these same people, but in an environment where they were more comfortable, in the safety of their own homes.

“When the opportunity to work with Silverchain was advertised, I knew I had to jump at it.

“Within the first week, Karen, our supervising nurse and program coordinator, had us on the road with other experienced nurses, learning in a hands-on environment.

From that first visit, I knew that I was in the right place, doing the right thing. 

“I knew how to treat a patient’s leg wound. It’s something I had done many times before in a clinical setting but this time it was different, and I knew community nursing was for me.

“Claudia, the supervising nurse, chatted with the patient and his wife, as he sat comfortably in his favourite chair.

He seemed relaxed as Claudia changed the dressing with such a practiced ease, and she explained the history of the wound and what the treatment plan was to me.”

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