Sharing your compassion and experience is more than a gift of time.

Since our inception, our success has been founded on the loving hearts and tireless work of volunteers from within the community.

Currently, our organisation benefits from the skills and experience of more than 400 trained volunteers who make a significant contribution to our ability to reach those in need of in home care and wellbeing services.

Volunteers play a critical role in both city and regional locations throughout Australia and conduct a range of activities including:

  • alleviating the burden on carers
  • providing companionship, conversation and support
  • assisting in the success of special events, promotions and general fundraising.

Volunteering with us could change your life.

As a volunteer, you’ll be invited to share in the lives of individuals and families who are experiencing hardship through illness or disability. This rewarding experience will touch your heart and will likely provide you with some personal fulfilment. Our volunteers have told us they benefit from:

  • ongoing education, skills development and training
  • support and feedback
  • being a valued team member
  • the opportunity to work with like minded people and develop new friendships.

Volunteer opportunities:

Community Connections Volunteer (WA only)

We are establishing a new volunteer program with the purpose of reducing the decline in individual wellbeing and capacity caused by social isolation and loneliness. We are currently looking for volunteers to participate in a pilot to help people experiencing social isolation and loneliness reconnect with their local community. 

Volunteers will be matched with clients to assist them to choose how they wish to reconnect with their local community.

Examples of this might include helping someone identify an activity they used to enjoy and would like to participate in again. Volunteers will support the client in identifying the part of these activities that the client feels confident in managing and those that the client feels the need for some assistance in. This may include accompanying and supporting the client until they feel confident enough to attend alone or assisting with problem solving around transport.

As this is a new and developing program we are also asking for some additional time from to provide input into the program’s future direction and feedback on your experience as a volunteer.

Comprehensive training and support will be provided.

Hospice Care Volunteer (WA only)

There are a range of hospice care volunteer opportunities in the Perth region, including:
Spending a few hours with our clients, to allow their primary carer some respite time to sleep, pay bills or take some time for them. 

Providing social support to our clients receiving end-of-life care that may isolated or living alone. 
Volunteer Driving clients to medical appointments or local shops.
Helping with administration tasks in an office environment.

You will need to have a spare a 2-4 hours each week and some roles may require a driver’s license and access to an insured vehicle. Our volunteers are vital members of our Palliative Care team and so this opportunity is not suited to those seeking a short term commitment. 

Due to the nature of the care we are providing, this position is open to those over the age of 25.If you have a genuine desire to help those with life limiting illness, we are interested in hearing from you.

Looking for people with big hearts.

To succeed as a volunteer you don’t require specialist skills, just a big heart with compassion and empathy. As a volunteer you are considered to be an integral part of our organisation, and as such must follow our corporate policies and procedures, as well as meet our insurance requirements. For legal reasons, volunteers must be over the age of 18.

To register your interest or find out more, please call our Contact Centre or email volunteer@silverchain.org.au.

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