Refer to Integrum Aged Care+

Refer to Integrum Aged Care+

We created Silver Chain Integrum Aged Care+ to improve the health and care experience for vulnerable older patients.

At Silver Chain we understand that you are concerned with not just your patient’s health, but with their personal and social situation as well.

Integrum Aged Care+ is designed to add value to the service you provide in your practice. We’re helping you take care of those patients that you worry about, or who are in danger of slipping through the cracks of the health system, through a complete holistic approach to health and social care.

How do I refer a patient to Integrum?

Integrum provides comprehensive wrap-around care to older people with complex care needs and multiple chronic conditions.

We evaluate every referral to Integrum on an individual basis to make sure that the service is right for your patient.

Check your patient's basic eligibility using our easy online tool. If your patient is eligible, you can refer directly to us online 24/7.

Is my patient eligible? Refer my patient to Integrum online

Who is in the Integrum team?

Our multi-disciplinary team includes:

  • a dedicated Integrum Doctor
  • a personal Case Manager (RN qualified) for each patient
  • exercise physiologists
  • qualified social workers to help patients work on personal goals and support a patient’s carer
  • non-dispensing pharmacist for medication reviews
  • support workers to provide services including personal care, cleaning and shopping depending on each patient’s need.

The Integrum team are committed to consulting with a patient's GP before any new treatment or medication are provided for existing chronic diseases, and will also consult before referral to new specialists or other services.

We believe that the this is integral to this innovative and collaborative model of shared patient care.

These services are also enhanced by enhanced technology such as Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality (EMMR) to assist those clients who may not be able to leave their homes, or are situated in remote areas.

Integrum trial stage two

A small initial pre-trial of Integrum took place in 2017, where we successfully tested this care delivery process among 30 Silver Chain Group patients. Feedback from patients and their carers indicated a high level of satisfaction with the Integrum service and was the impetus to continue to the next stage of the trial.

We are now in the second phase of our Integrum trial. During this phase, we will be looking after the needs of up to 300 eligible clients who are located within a 25 minute drive of our new purpose built clinic in Belmont, Western Australia.

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