Referral Pathway

Referral Pathway

Please use the below pathway for referrals to Silver Chain services.

Step 1: Call the 24/7 Referral Line on  9242 0347

Our Contact Centre will transfer your call to the correct service area

Step 2: CON will: 

  • Guide you through the referral process
  • Take a structured clinical handover
  • Confirm Medical Governance options if required
  • Confirm Medical Governance as required

Step 3: Have the PATIENT'S NOTES ready to be able to answer any questions. 

Step 4: Email Supporting Documents to:

  • Discharge Summary
  • Supporting patient information

For nursing:

  • Medication Authority
  • Blood Results 

Where applicable:

  • Wound Care Plan
  • Palliative Care Plan
  • Diabetes Plan
  • Asthma/Respiratory Plan
  • Cardiac Plan

Referral Pathway PDF 

Includes pathways for:
- HACC Nursing
- Palliative Care
- Health Navigator


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