Costs and financing

Costs and financing

We provide purchase and rental options for our alarms. You may also be eligible for funding assistance based on your location or personal circumstances.

Prices are valid as of 1 July 2019

Purchase option

Our purchase option allows you to buy the alarm equipment outright, and then pay a monthly fee for our monitoring service.

Upfront costs

Alarm and pendant $499.00
Administration fee $55.00
Total upfront costs $554.00

Monthly costs

24/7 monthly monitoring fee $24.60
Total monthly fees $24.60

Rental option

Our rental option allows you to lower your upfront costs by renting your alarm equipment monthly.

Upfront costs

Alarm and pendant deposit $75.00
Administration fee $55.00
Total upfront costs $130.00

Monthly costs

Alarm and pendant rental fee $16.90
24/7 monthly monitoring fee $24.60
Total monthly fees $41.50



You are also able to purchase additional pendants and extras.

Additional pendant $99.00
Keysafe $71.50
Falls detector pendant - purchase option $190.00
Falls detector pendant - monthly rental option $8.25


Funding support

You may be eligible for funding support to purchase or rent an alarm, depending on your location and personal circumstances.

Home Care Packages

If you currently have a Home Care Package, you may be able to allocate some of your funding towards your alarm and monitoring service. Contact your Home Care Package coordinator to discuss your package.

Let us help you remain safe at home

If you would like assistance deciding on the best alarm solution for you, please get in touch.

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