Showering & dressing

Showering & dressing

Enjoy the confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best with our in-home showering, dressing and grooming services.

We believe that feeling confident and looking your best improves your overall wellbeing. 

That’s why we provide a broad range of personal care services like showering, dressing and skin care.

Our trusted team will respect your privacy and preferences – and personal style! We'll provide as little or as much support as you need so you can continue to look after yourself with confidence at home.


We can help you with all your showering and bathroom needs including:

  • having a shower and using the bathroom safely and with dignity
  • your skin care, hair care, shaving or make-up, all using the toiletries and products you prefer
  • maintaining your personal hygiene
  • managing continence issues
  • identifying safety features and equipment to help prevent falls, especially in the bathroom. 


We'll help you keep the personal hygiene and grooming standards you've held your entire life.

Whether it’s your daily style or looking your best for a special occasion, we can help you with:

  • washing, drying and styling hair
  • applying makeup
  • selecting clothes
  • finding specialised dressing aids to help you with zippers, buttons and socks
  • anything else you need to feel fresh and confident.

Most importantly, you’re in control of your appearance and comfort.

Skin care

As we age, our skin changes and may become more at risk to stress and damage. So we need a bit of extra care.

Our in-home support team will assess the condition of your skin and assist you to keep your skin healthy or prevent injury.

Our service can include providing bandages, dressings and skin emollients.

Get started

We can help answer any questions you or your family may have. Our friendly team is here 24/7 so enquire online or call (08) 9242 0119 or 1300 761 577 (for country callers).

Remember to ask us about your eligibility for services through a government-funded program such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or a Home Care Package.

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