Switching providers

Switching providers

You do have choice and flexibility when it comes to deciding who provides your aged care through a Home Care Package.

If you’re unhappy with the care you’re receiving with your current provider, or you’re moving to an area that they don’t service, it’s easy to switch to Silver Chain – and we will be pleased to welcome you!

Before you switch

Check your agreement or contract with your current provider, or give them a call, to check if they:

  • have a set notice period before you can move your funds to another provider
  • charge an exit fee (if they do, this will likely be taken from your unspent package funds).

Be aware that some providers may also charge a set-up or entry fee to join them. As a not-for-profit, this is not something that Silver Chain charges. 

The good news is that you don’t need to have another assessment to switch to a different provider.

Why choose Silver Chain?

At Silver Chain, we make sure you receive the care that’s right for you, now and as your needs change.

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Making the switch

To switch to Silver Chain, follow these four simple steps.

1.  Contact us for an informal chat

Contact our friendly care team to discuss your needs and explain all the services we offer. During this call we’ll ask you some questions to help us understand your care needs, including the Home Care Package level of care you are receiving.

If you’d prefer to meet us face-to-face, we’ll come and visit you at home free of charge.

2.  Contact My Aged Care for your referral code

Everyone receiving a Home Care Package is allocated a referral code which is issued by My Aged Care.

When you switch, your referral code needs to be reactivated to enable us to start providing your services.

You can do this by visiting the My Aged Care website or calling 1800 200 422.

They will ask you for permission to share your information with us, as your new service provider, and provide your code.

3.  Let your current provider know you no longer require their services

Now it’s time to let your current provider know. You can do this over the phone or you can advise in writing.

Together, you will agree on a date when services will finish with the current provider. This will be based on their notice period.

4.  Get your new services set up

Let us know your referral code and the date you’ve agreed with your current provider for your services to end. Then we can start getting everything set up for you.

One of our specialist care coordinators will then visit you at home. Together, we’ll design a personalised care plan guided by you within your package budget.

We can start your services as soon as your services with your current provider end to ensure you have continuous care.

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