Integrum Aged Care+

Helping and supporting older Australians with chronic health conditions to stay out of hospital and nursing homes and live their lives as they choose.

About Integrum Aged Care+

Integrum provides comprehensive wrap around care for Silver Chain clients with complex care needs and multiple chronic conditions.

Adding an extra level of care and responsiveness, Integrum brings health services together.

This provides a more holistic experience, where clients can spend an extended amount of time with members of a multi-disciplinary support team, who will work with them on their own personal goals together with their care providers.

To do this, Integrum uses a collaborative ‘shared care’ model that involves aged care services, an Integrum Doctor, home nursing, rapid response care, case management, exercise physiology, psychosocial support, and family support. These services will also be enhanced by advanced technologies aimed at maximising access to Integrum clinicians.

Why we developed Integrum

We created Integrum to improve the health and care experience of our clients. Often people are transferred between hospitals, specialists and aged care providers, receiving fragmented care and a poor overall experience.

Integrum is the first integrated service that allows clients to be the author of their own care at a time when they need it the most, and focuses on keeping our clients safely in their own homes, and with their personal health and social care goals driving their care journey.

Integrum trial

A small initial pre-trial of Integrum took place in 2017, where we successfully tested the care delivery process among 30 Silver Chain Group clients.  Feedback from clients and their carers indicated a high level of satisfaction with the Integrum service during the initial trial:

  • “The doctor spends 30 minutes or longer with you – you feel like you are really being listened to”
  • “At Integrum, there is a proper support team so if you have a problem or a concern you just ring your case manager and it will be addressed”
  • “I was feeling a bit down before, but coming to the clinic has given me something new. I have sung opera and arias in the bus with other clients which I love!”

We are now in the second phase of our Integrum trial, in which we will continue to evaluate client experience and outcomes. During this phase, we will be looking after the needs of up to 300 eligible clients who are located within 25 minutes of our new clinic in Belmont, Western Australia.

What does Integrum include?

Integrum Aged Care+ provides clients with:

  • A dedicated care team including a clinical registered nurse trained in chronic condition management who will be assigned to them as their case manager and primary contact
  • A case manager who will help coordinate appointments with doctors, nurses and carers providing support and consistency to complement our client’s needs
  • The multidisciplinary team includes an Integrum Doctor, Nurse, Support Workers and Allied Health clinicians, wrapping around client’s needs
  • Unrushed time with our Integrum Doctor in a clinic environment
  • A dedicated Integrum phone number to call 24 hours a day
  • A small team of Integrum Support Workers who work with the client’s Case Manager and Integrum Doctor
  • The option of free door-to-door transport for our client and their carer to our specialised Integrum clinic in Belmont, Western Australia
  • Individual and group education opportunities, including exercise physiology classes, to help our clients proactively self-manage their chronic conditions

If clients’ have a regular GP, the Silver Chain Integrum team will communicate with their regular GP, complementing the care they provide, as part of our ‘shared care’ model.

Who is the service available to?

Integrum is designed especially for clients with specific and complex care needs who are:

  • Over 65 years of age and living at home
  • Reside in metropolitan Perth
  • Have two or more chronic diseases
  • Have had between one and five unplanned hospital admissions in the last 12 months

Who can I speak to about Integrum?

For more information on the trial or to be a part of it, contact us on 1300 513 535.

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