Living with a health condition

Living with a health condition

We can support you to manage your chronic or short-term health condition, so you can continue to live independently at home. 

Living with a chronic health condition can often cause you to feel dependant on others and less confident in your own ability to manage your household, look after yourself and stay safe at home. 

Our multi-disciplinary team works together and with other health providers to enhance your quality of life, prevent deterioration, manage exacerbation and minimise hospital admissions, as well as provide support to manage everyday tasks. 

We offer a range of specialist health services to manage simple or complex health needs, including: 

  • Wound care - if you have a wound, our specialist wound care nurses can help care for your wound in the comfort of your home. 
  • Respiratory care - if you have a respiratory condition needing oxygen therapy, we can provide your oxygen and help you manage your condition. 
  • Home and garden - get the support you need to look after your home and garden and run your household the way you choose. 
  • Personal care and wellbeing - support to look and feel your best, and maintain your personal care routines as you always have. 

We understand that each person’s circumstances or living situation is different to the next, so we will always work with you to tailor your care and services to your own personal needs and preferences. If there’s something you need or would like that you don’t see here, just ask.

Call us today on (08) 9242 0119 or email - we're here to help.

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