Continence Management Services

Continence Management Services

If you or someone you care for experiences continence issues, you're certainly not alone. Any person, at any age, can develop a loss of bladder or bowel control in some form. 

Some health conditions and life events can put you at an increased risk of continence issues, often leading to a loss of confidence to undertake daily activities or live independently at home, as well as a decreased quality of life. 

The good news is that bladder or bowel incontinence can be managed and treated through personalised management strategies, including continence management plans, appropriate routines, bladder training, dietary suggestions, counselling and advice. 

We can help you improve your incontinence and manage your bladder or bowel issues so you can regain your confidence to undertake your daily activities and get back to enjoying life. 

Some specialised services that may help you to live safely and independently at home include:

We understand that each person’s circumstances or living situation is different to the next, so we will always work with you to tailor your care and services to your own personal needs and preferences. If there’s something you need or would like that you don’t see here, just ask.

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