Getting back on your feet after a hospital visit

Getting back on your feet after a hospital visit

If you have to go in to hospital, or if you've had a recent hospital stay, you may be worried about how you'll manage with everyday tasks when you return home. 

Our home care services can be provided for as long as you want or need, to help you get back on your feet and support you to remain living independently at home. 

You may benefit from some of the common services we can provide to support you at home, after a recent hospital stay: 

  • Specialist health services - get the nursing care you need to treat a range of health issues.
  • Personal care and wellbeing - support to look and feel your best, so you can be the most confident version of yourself. 
  • Home and garden - assistance to manage your home and garden and continue carrying out everyday tasks. 
  • Home Hospital - high-quality, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home, where familiar comforts can contribute to a speedier recovery.  
  • Falls prevention and safety - feel confident, safe and secure in your home by minimising your risk of falling and enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing help is never far away. 

We understand that each person’s circumstances or living situation is different to the next, so we will always work with you to tailor your care and services to your own personal needs and preferences. If there’s something you need or would like that you don’t see here, just ask.

Call us today on (08) 9242 0119 or email - we're here to help.

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