Getting an assessment

Getting an assessment

To access government subsidised aged care support, you will need to have a My Aged Care assessment in your home or aged care facility.

Aged care assessments are free and will be used to determine which type and level of aged care support and funding will be best for you.

We'll help you understand your options

We’ll talk through your situation and can advise on what we think your best option will be. Our advice is free and always puts your needs front and centre.

1300 761 577

You can also register with My Aged Care, the national aged care portal, by calling them on 1800 200 422.

Have your Medicare number ready and allow at least 10 minutes to go through the initial questions.

My Aged Care will ask you about your care needs. If you are eligible they will refer you for a face to face assessment in your home to understand your care needs and refer you to the right government subsidised support and services.

This assessment is likely to be either:

  • an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment, or
  • a Regional Assessment Service (RAS).

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment

This is a comprehensive review for people who need regular help or high-level support.

You will need an ACAT assessment to see if you are eligible for:

  • in-home care through a Home Care Package
  • residential aged care
  • transition care
  • respite care.

Find out more at What to expect at an ACAT assessment.

Regional Assessment Service (RAS)

You will be registered for a face-to-face RAS assessment if you need a little bit of help or some short-term support.

A member of the RAS team will visit you at your own home, to carry out an ‘active’ assessment. This means they observe you carrying out your daily tasks, to identify areas where you need support.

Find out more at What to expect at a RAS assessment.

Ask for RDNS to be your service provider

During the My Aged Care assessment you will be asked to consider available service providers in your area or will be encouraged to start looking for a service provider.

Ask for RDNS SA to be your service provider.

After your assessment, you may be given a referral code which will enable you to talk to us directly to arrange your services.

Get started

If you have any questions about assessments, or would like some help to arrange one, contact our friendly team who can help get you started.

1300 761 577

Please note that if you are a carer or family member helping someone else with My Aged Care, you will need their consent to speak on their behalf. See My Aged Care's information on Talking to My Aged Care for someone.

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