Telecross Redi Heatwave

Telecross Redi Heatwave

With thanks to Telecross REDi - the Australian Red Cross Heatwave Response Service - RDNS clients identified as at risk during a heatwave can be placed on a register to receive daily phone calls from Telecross REDI to check on their wellbeing.

If you live alone, have a disability, are housebound, elderly, recovering from an illness or accident, and are an active RDNS client you could be eligible.

Red Cross volunteers call pre-registered clients once a day to check on their wellbeing. The caller will ask people how they are coping and remind them of important steps they can take to assist them through extreme weather conditions.

If a call goes unanswered or Telecross REDi identifies a client is in distress, we may contact Police (SAPOL) and SA Ambulance Service if all avenues to contact you have been exhausted.

How to get this service

For more details on this service, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 761 577 or email

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