Silverchain is seeking the invaluable help of volunteers to assist with delivering a range of aged care community and healthcare services across Western Australia.

Silverchain Volunteer Resources Manager Lily Meszaros said there were many benefits to becoming a volunteer. 

“Not only does volunteering make a difference to the lives of older Western Australians and connects you to your community, but many studies have also shown that helping others increases happiness,” Ms Meszaros said. 

Silverchain Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Manager Susie Vojkovic said just a few hours a week could make a positive difference for clients and their carers and was a great way to contribute to the local community. 

“Volunteers supporting clients make a huge difference for family members and other carers as it gives them a well-deserved break and the opportunity to take care of themselves,” Ms Vojkovic said. 

One of Silverchain’s most treasured volunteers is Lyn Clements, who loves to catch up with Baldivis resident and Silverchain client Leo Cleghorn.

Eighty-eight-year-old Leo is living with cancer and is fortunate to have the care of his daughter and son-in-law at home. 

Lyn said caring full-time for someone could be challenging especially because of their work commitments and other family responsibilities.

“This is where Silverchain volunteers come in. My job is to concentrate not only on the client, but also the carer, to give them respite,” Lyn said. 

“Often it can be sitting with the client, driving them to medical appointments, or in Leo’s case, providing companionship, which we really enjoy.”

A volunteer for two years, Lyn had just retired from her job in aged care when she transitioned to volunteering for Silverchain.

“It brings me great joy – you get more out of it than you put into it,” Lyn said. 

“I have such lovely clients with beautiful families; they are just gorgeous. I have to do something with my time, and I feel it’s important to give back.”

Leo said he looked forward to his regular catchups from Lyn who started visiting him last year.

He said he enjoyed telling Lyn tales about his life in which he grew up in country New South Wales before living in Papua New Guinea, then settling in Western Australia’s north before moving to Baldivis. 

“It’s wonderful that I have somebody to talk to or even just watch TV with. We get on so well together - she lifts my day,” Leo said.

A range of volunteer roles are available and can be matched to your skills and interests. These include community connections volunteers, social centre volunteers and drivers, and hospice care volunteers.  You do not need a formal qualification to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.

If you would like more information about becoming a Silverchain volunteer or to register your interest, please email: