The Wound Care Manual (7th Edition)

The Wound Care Manual (7th Edition) now available for purchase

Written by Silver Chain Clinical Nurse Consultant Keryln Carville, this is a comprehensive and practical reference for nurses, doctors and allied health professionals working in the acute, chronic and community setting – where optimal management of wounds is a must.

The Wound Care Manual promotes a collaborative approach to the assessment and management of people with wounds and provides information on:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Factors affecting wound healing
  • General wound assessment and management
  • Specific advice on the management of burns, skin tears, leg ulcers, neuropathic feet, cancerous wounds, draining wounds, peristomal wounds and pressure injuries
  • Technical advice on drains and percutaneous tubes, bandages and surgical stockings
  • Wound cleansing agents and all types of dressings

The manual published by Silver Chain also includes a current index of Australian Manufacturers and their products.


The cost for the Wound Care Manual is $59.95 including GST.

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