Palliative Care Week – Opportunity to Review Progress and Recharge for the Future

Ms Lyn Jones, CEO of Silver Chain Group, applauds the enormous contribution of Australia’s palliative care services working tirelessly providing world class care to so many fellow Australians and their families.

“One of the signatures of a caring society is how we attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those approaching their end-of-life journey,” Ms Jones said.

“Ensuring that each death reflects the wishes of the individual person and their loved ones should be a priority for governments and service providers - and the Australian community as a whole.”

Silver Chain’s Chief Advisor Public Policy, Prof Keith Evans, notes the findings of the recent Inquiry into Human Services Reform undertaken by the Productivity Commission, which makes the following important points:

  • Most of the 160,000 people who die in Australia each year would benefit from end-of-life care but many do not receive care that fully reflects their choices or meets their needs.
  • Where it is available, the quality of end-of-life care services in Australia is often excellent. But services are not available everywhere and to everyone who would benefit.
  • Too many people who, with appropriate support, could and would choose to die at home or in their aged care residence, die in hospital. Providing end-of-life care for these people where they live would better meet their clinical needs and reflect their choices.
  • Reforms are needed to put users’ needs and choices at the heart of end-of-life care services, and to ensure those services have the capacity to meet users’ needs.

The decision by the Commonwealth Government to provide funding for end-of-life care within residential aged care facilities in the recent budget recognises the findings of the Productivity Commission.

While the task of providing best care for all Australians nearing the end of their live is substantial, we are starting from a strong foundation of excellent services, provided by a first class and dedicated workforce.

National Palliative Care Week should provide us with an impetus to collaborate across the sector to meet the needs and aspirations of our community.

Ms Jones said that with our ageing population the number of deaths in Australia is expected to double in the next 40 years, therefore demand for care will only continue to grow.

“Silver Chain welcomes the opportunity to work with the entire sector to develop innovative solutions so we can provide Australians with greater choice to better respond to their end-of-life wishes,” Ms Jones said.

21 May 2018

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