“Don’t wait to seek help” – RDNS client’s Wound Awareness Week message

  • RDNS is part of Silver Chain Group – Australia’s largest wound care service provider
  • Our specialist wound care nurses provide in-home or in-clinic care, using the latest research, technology and treatment methods
  • In the last financial year, 750 highly-trained registered nurses and enrolled nurses managed more than 40,000 wounds on 18,285 clients
  • Seventy-nine percent (more than 33,000) of all wounds, from all our services, were discharged either healed or nearly healed, where clients could manage themselves.

RDNS’s wound care service has helped an Adelaide retiree to get back on her feet after a freak accident in her kitchen. Judy Kinter suffered a nasty wound to her lower leg after losing balance and falling off a step ladder while reaching for a high shelf.

“My leg was bruised and swollen from my knee all the way down,” she said. “It wasn’t healing really well, and it made simple things like showering and getting shoes on quite difficult,” the South Brighton resident said.

After numerous trips to the GP and four courses of antibiotics, the 73-year-old was referred to RDNS’s specialist wound care service.

“Judy first presented with a large wound measuring 8cm x 5cm in size due to the breaking down of the haematoma (blood under the skin),” said Clinical Nurse Deb Hicks, who started treating Judy at RDNS’s Daw Park clinic in May.

“Initially Judy was coming in twice a week and I would debride the wound (remove dead or infected skin tissue) and then put compression bandaging on it,” she said. “Now I am seeing her once a week and she is in compression stockings rather than bandaging layers. She has made great progress and is close to discharge.”

Deb Judy Wound Awareness Week

Judy Kinter - RDNS client and Deb Hicks - Clinical Nurse

More than half a million Australians suffer chronic wounds every year, costing the health system an estimated $3 billion.

“If a wound has not shown progress in two weeks you should follow it up,” Deb said. “There are many reasons why a wound won’t heal. A specialist nurse can help you understand why, as well as treat it.”

Judy is also urging Australians during Wound Awareness Week, which runs from 17-23 August, not to delay acting on unhealed wounds.

“I am so pleased I was referred to RDNS – I wish I had been sooner,” she said. “Going to the wound clinic has been so convenient and now I am can get back to doing the things I love.”


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RDNS is part of the Silver Chain Group.

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