Medication Safety

Medication Safety

Medication Safety

It is the responsibility of the individual to work within their Silver Chain scope of practice. Students are to be under direct supervision at all times when administering medication to clients. 

Student medication administration can only be supervised/observed by a registered nurse. 

Medication Standards

Your preceptor will assist you to locate the following documents during your induction to the service.

CC-NPM-6A Medication Standards - states the 15 standards which apply to medication administration for Silver Chain. 

CC-NPM-6.02A Insulin Administration

CC NPM-6.14 Injectable Medication Administration

CC-NPM-6.09 Mechanical Spring Powered Infusion Therapy

CC-NPM-9.05 Cytotoxic Drugs - Safe Handling and Related Waste

All near miss and medication errors must be entered onto Silver Chain's Incident Management System (FIMS). 


The management of anayphylaxis is a requirement for nurses at Silver Chain and completed as part of their annual life support competency.

The role of the student in the event of a suspected drug reaction to a client is to:

  • Stop administration and reassure the client
  • Alert the preceptor
  • Assist the preceptor as required, ie: call 000 and remain with client. 

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