Undergraduate student placements - information

Undergraduate student placements - information


Our organisation is committed to supporting and developing our future healthcare professionals. We want to ensure your practicum is enjoyable, stress-free and full of learning. 

The Healthcare landscape is changing for both healthcare organisations and their clients. With extended waiting lists and reduced length of stay, we have a commitment to a service delivery model shifting this care to the community and including the client, their family and others in care decisions. 

About Silver Chain

We are a not-for-profit organisation delivering community health and care services across Australia.We help people of all ages to receive the care they need to remain happy and healthy at home. We focus on individual strengths and abilities and offer our support and guidance where needed. 

We have a proud history of serving Australians for over 110 years in Western Australia and more than 120 years as RDNS in South Australia. We currently deliver our services in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

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Healthcare Governance

We are governed to ensure the safe and effective delivery of healthcare services by accreditation bodies such as:

  • The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare
  • The Australian Charter of Healthcare rights
  • The Commonwealth Home Support Programme
  • DVA - Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Internal compliance audits covering all clinical services/infection control and corporate services
  • ACHS (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards)

Goal of Clinical Placement

To provide positive and productive learning opportunities that will develop skills, knowledge and understanding of quality care. During the placement, students will experience a care delivery model where care is discussed with, directed by and delivered to the client in their home environment.


Responsibility - The obligation that an individual assumes when undertaking to carry out planned or delegated activities

Supervision - Supervision includes the monitoring and directing performances of specific activities according to the nature of the work delegated.

Direct Supervision - Is provided when the Division 1 nurse is present, observes, works with, directs and assesses the person being supervised.

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