What is EMMR?

What is EMMR?

EMMR is our new Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality interface. It will use ‘mixed reality’ technology to combine real life, projected holograms and video conferencing, allowing our nurses, clinicians and clients better access to information and services.

We’re developing this new software with Saab Australia and will deliver it through Microsoft’s HoloLens technology to provide 'virtual hospital' services to people in their own homes.

For our clients currently receiving hospital in the home and health services, EMMR will enable real-time interaction with medical professionals in their homes. This includes doctors who can be projected as holograms via the headset.

The mixed reality headset will allow nurses to share information hands-free, and in the future will be able to record patient data, in real time via a virtual dashboard. Using EMMR, a Silver Chain Group nurse visiting a client at home will have access to all client medical data through the virtual display, with the ability for a doctor to effectively see through the eyes of the nurse as the examination takes place.

EMMR helps our clients by removing need for travel to and from appointments, and giving them access to face-to-face consultations with their doctor via 'holoportation'. They can be confident that they are receiving the world’s best health and aged care when they need it, in their own home.

Silver Chain Group will become the first company in the world to apply Microsoft’s HoloLens technology to virtual hospital services delivered in the community. EMMR will be the first in a range of services we will deliver that signal a significant shift in the way clients receive comprehensive, hospital-level care at home, so they can live their lives as they choose.

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2 October 2017
Silver Chain Group unveils Holographic Doctor in Health Care World-First

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