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Technology and Innovation

Silver Chain Group prides itself in health services and innovative solutions in how we care for our clients. Using the latest technology available, we can deliver particular nursing services to eligible clients, remotely through our Virtual Hospital services, via video phone. The video phone is set up in the client’s home and links directly to our Client Care Centre, which is staffed by qualified nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving our clients access and support when they need it.

We have also embraced the latest innovations in smartphones and have equipped our nursing staff with these devices. The smartphone enables our nurses to access information about clients, record assessment details and order consumable stock in real time. This allows us a better and more efficient service for our clients.

Silver Chain Group has developed a client management application called ComCare, which has been designed for community and residential care facilities. It is a strategic tool to help deliver a more efficient and productive service in how we manage our care and workloads for our staff, ensuring the right care is provided when our clients need it.

ComCare captures all referral, assessment and information via a user friendly system. This approach significantly reduces errors and data processing time. A screening tool on ComCare assists the user to identify eligibility and primary assessment prior to service allocation. The system provides the flexibility to perform and record client information locally by operators who are directly connected to the system or by remote users using mobile technology in the field.