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Silver Chain, another great WA export is leading the nation

5 September 2012

Like many Western Australian organisations, Silver Chain is increasingly becoming a national exemplar in community orientated health and aged care services.

This is evident as the not-for-profit organisation was duly acknowledged as the National Award Winner receiving the Organisation Award for Excellence at the HESTA & ACSA Aged Care Awards held on the Gold Coast on Sunday, 2 September 2012.

Recognised amongst industry peers as the national standard, the Organisation Award for Excellence specifically acknowledges an organisation’s leadership, innovation and excellence in customer service, environment, technology and training.

Chris McGowan, Silver Chain Group Chief Executive Officer says “We feel it’s a great privilege to be recognised by our peers through this year’s awards, however as an organisation we don’t aim to achieve such recognition.  Silver Chain’s purpose is to have a positive impact on our community. 

“We are very fortunate to have a team who shows much commitment and dedication in achieving our purpose and delivering services that not only support our clients and patients, but services our clients and patients want and expect,” says Mr McGowan.

Silver Chain merged with RDNS South Australia late last year and is also extending its reach and breadth of services to Queensland and New South Wales to form the Silver Chain Group.

The Silver Chain Group is one of the largest providers of community, clinical and health care services supporting more than 62,000 people each year.

For more than 118 years the Silver Chain Group has continued to help people live independently in their own homes by developing innovative services and clinical practices that support client and family outcomes and quality of life.